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Indian Finished Leather Manufacturers & Exporters Association


Posted March 06, 2020
The Second Meeting of the Executive Committee of IFLMEA was held on Friday, the 06th of March 2020 at 4.30 pm
at IFLMEA Conference Hall, IFLMEA Office, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008.

The meeting was well attended with the following members present:

Mr. K. R. Vijayan, Chairman, M/s. Good Leather Company

Mr. Israr Ahmed Mecca, Vice Chairman, M/s. India Shoes Exports

Mr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Hony. Secretary, M/s. Rathnam Leathers

Mr. Salman Parpia, Hony. Treasurer,M/s. DharmseeParpia

Mr. P.R. Aqeel Ahmed, Chairman CLE, M/s. Florence Shoe Company

Mr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed, M/s. Farida Prime Tannery

Mr. T. Rafeeque Ahmed, M/s. T. Abdul Wahid & Co.,

Mr. N. Shafeeq Ahmed, M/s. ShafeeqShameel& Co.,

Mr. SateeshJadhav, Gaitonde Leather & Accessories

Mr. YavarDhala, M/s. Forward Leather Coy.,

Mr. Pakkar Sayeed Ahmed, M/s. Pakkar Leather Exports

Mr. G. Mohamed Jahan, M/s. Jahan Leather Exports


Dr. K.J. Sreeram, Director, CLRI

Mr. A.R. Raghunathan, Auditor

Mr. Shahzad Ahmed, M/s. Shafs Leather Exports

Mr. K.R. Vijayan, Chairman-IFLMEA felicitated Dr. K. J. Sreeram, Director-CLRI with a bouquet and Mr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Hony. Secretary-IFLMEA presented a shawl to the Director, on his appointment as Director of CSIR-CLRI. Chairman-IFLMEA appreciated the services of the Director to the Leather Industry and assured fullest support of IFLMEA to CLRI

Speaking on the occasion, Director-CLRI informed the members that CLRI has taken up the issue of misuse of the terminology “Leather” by various other alternative material manufacturers, in terms of BIS and International Standards. He explained that Indian and International Standards clearly say that anything can be called as Leather if animal fibre is intact. He said that Indian Standards is tougher than the International Standards and converted products such as Leather Board and Bonded Leather etc., cannot be called as Leather.

Apart from usual business, detailed discussion was held on misuse of the term “Leather” by various other material manufacturers across the world and to find out a solution to promote and boost export of Genuine Leather and Leather Products.

PadmashriDr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed, Chairman, Farida Group of Companies, Mr. P.R. Aqeel Ahmed, Chairman-Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and Managing Director – M/s. Florence Shoe Company spoke on the occasion.

Mr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed said that IFLMEA and CLRI should collaborate and educate our industry and the brands to push for sustainability. Mr. YavarDhala requested Chairman-CLE Mr. P. R. Aqeel Ahmed to promote Indian Leather in Fashion Capitals globally. Mr. P.R. Aqeel Ahmed informed that US specific marketing is already being done through CLE.

Members appreciated that after a long time, we have seen a Leather Fashion Show organized by IFLMEA, which is of international standards. Mr. YavarDhala, Convenor, Leather Fashion Show Committee updated the committee about the Leather Fashion Show 2020 and the income generated through it, which was highly appreciated by the committee members.

Mr. K.R. Vijayan, Chairman-IFLMEA updated the members about the participation of members through IFLMEA in the India International Leather Fair (IILF) 2020 and the expected commission IFLMEA is likely to get from ITPO towards the same, which was again appreciated by the committee members.

Mr. A.R. Senthil Kumar, Hony. Secretary-IFLMEA informed the committee that we have negotiated with Eurofin/BLC for a discount on membership as well as LWG Certification. He requested the members to utilise this opportunity and take up the Eurofin/BLC Membership through IFLMEA and also do the renewal audits of LWG Certification through IFLMEA.

Members appreciated the efforts and assured that they will take up the Eurofin/BLC Membership as well renewal of their LWG Certification through IFLMEA.

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Posted March 04, 2020